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Meet Gizmo & Wolfie…

In 2014, we encountered a six-month-old Samoyed Husky named Gizmo.Gizmo was in poor condition. His owners were abusive and cruel alcoholics, and used to beat him and burn him. He had no confidence and he would not look directly at people…

We instantly fell in love with Gizmo. It was quite clear that we could not allow him to stay in those conditions, and so we pleaded with his then owners to allow us to provide him with a loving home. It took a lot of begging and a lot of money for alcohol, but Gizmo came to live with us that very day!
On April 17, 2017 while browsing Facebook, we noticed a scraggly, underweight, dirty-faced and very sad little Samoyed named Wolifie. Wolfie was imprisoned in the pound and in need of a loving home. He had not been badly treated, but his family, through no fault of their own, were unable to keep him.
Gizmo decided we needed to rescue Wolfie. So… the next morning, dark and early, he jumped into the car and anxiously drove to the pound. He wanted to get there before anybody else had the chance to take wolfie away!
We got to the pound, and were the first there. It was still dark and nobody was around. The dogs inside were barking, so Gizmo started to howl to tell wolfie he was coming to rescue  him. Wolfie was very nervous and shy. He got into the car and Gizmo started to smile again.
Since then, Gizmo and Wolfie have resided very happily at Riverway House. Everybody they meet falls instantly in love with them also. They have even become our accidental mascots. They look forward to meeting you at Riverway House!